Sunday, October 4, 2009

my sample animation

from today i add here my sample animation from youtube
They are in HD format.this is first animation

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

what is Silverlight?



Silverlight is microsoft technology for racing with adobe flash and using in web dynamic images


Silverlight commonly used in microsoft sites like bing and msn and .. and flash used in many site like


youtube and yahoo and..It seems that nowadays flash is more used than silverlight but it is maybe change


specially if Microsft bing search can be advanced and  get more percent from web world

and more servers  install silverlight

Friday, August 28, 2009

using Google reader in your site

Google reader is a powerful subscription tool for using in blogger or other blogs or site and read your

favorite site in every where and also in Google reader site .

you can share in your Google reader in your blog and manage your subscriptions for every blog and use

even  some customized clips.In blogger also you don’t need to add clip and   only use blog list for add you

blog link or subscription from Google reader .In this picture you can see how add to  bloglist  from google


google reader 2

in Google reader you have too many folder for grouping your subscription that are very useful for use in

your site if you have more site .Just “go to folders and tags” option in setting for this purpose .you can

use every folder in every site and create  clip or blogrolls for them .Blogrolls is only link of your site and clip

is  new updates from them .this is sample image from clip